Tabletop Exercise - May 22, 2019

2019 Exercise

Exercise Date Wednesday, May 22, 2019 from 0900 – 1100 Hours
Exercise Scope: Tabletop Exercise (TTX) lasting 2.0 hours that involved three (3) training modules that took exercise participants through the initial response; conditions that worsen & evacuation; and finally sustained threat and advanced planning.    
Threat or Hazard: A wildfire threatening the south Irvine area including Turtle Rock, Concordia University, Turtle Ridge, UCI, and bordering the City of Newport Beach. 
Exercise Scenario: On September 4, 2019, under a severe “Red Flag Warning” event, a multi-car collision on the southbound 405 freeway ignites a brushfire which rapidly spreads southwest in the south Irvine communities prompting rapid decision-making by authorities and school administration.
Mission Areas: Response and Mitigation
Core Capabilities: Public Information and Warning; Critical Transportation; Operational Coordination; Operational Communications.
Exercise Objectives: Establishment of Unified Command; Identification of “decision points” for evacuation vs. shelter-in-place; Evaluation of pre-identified evacuation routes; Identification of resource availability and use; Assessment of alert & warning and public information capabilities.